Typical Entry Level Jobs in the Advertising Industry

Advertising industry is an exciting field. Advertising industry is a wide field which holds different variances of employment and education, it’s known for being an extraordinary competitive field, as well as serving diverse opportunities all the way from Entry-level positions to High Professional Positions. Entry-level positions can enroll in positions like compiling data, design layouts for advertisements, research materials for marketing, among many other positions.

Careers and jobs duties are vary; it gives opportunities for high educated candidates and also for high-schools graduates. That’s what makes it a great field to enroll in. if you’re willing to dig in in this extraordinary field, read the following article which will discuss the best Entry-Level Jobs in the advertising Industry.

Here are the best Entry-Level Jobs in the Advertising Industry:

  1. Junior Copy Writer

Junior Copy Writers assists the development advertisement text. Copy Writers are responsible for editing and proofreading all kinds of texts. They are typically involved with the development process of promotional advertising and marketing materials. Copy Writers makes ordinary texts catchy and preferred to be read and seen among audience.

  • Copy Writers need to hold a Bachelor’s Degree. Besides gaining experience while working in the field.
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  1. Advertising Sales Coordinator

Creative Advertising Sales Coordinators are in constant demand. Their job role includes contributing to the development of client proposals and presentations. They are responsible for making many sales calls and frequent communication with clients. They are the masters of proposals and the main connection tool with clients.

  • They need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in sales field and Master’s degree would be preferable.
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  1. Assistant Media Planner

Assistant Media Planner means a lot of public relations.  Assistant Media Planners are responsible for assisting in gathering and analysis of consumer’s reading habits views. They will also need to be professionals in evaluating editorial content. Assistants Media Planners needs to pay attention to slightest details and analysis duties.

  • Public Relations Specialists bachelor’s degree is required.
  • An expected job growth in this field has been in constant demand since 2012 until this instant.
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  1. Assistant Account Manager

Assistant Account Managers are the liaison between advertising agency and the client. They assist one or more account managers between both sides , they must be own effective and professional communications skills with investors and clients , besides being responsible for assisting in a variety of account management duties , like monitoring the procedures and process of a particular client’s project .They’re are an experts in communicating .

  • This job position is special because it opens door for both high-school graduates and bachelor’s degree holders. It depends on the efficiency amount you can produce.
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  1. Assistant Research Executive

Assistant Research Executives are in high-demand. They are responsible for assisting a research executive on the compilation of specialized data and also the development of research tools. This job role involves the interpretation and analysis in different advertising related statists. Researching is a great tool to be obtained; building an experience is easy if you master the research tool.

  • Both bachelor’s degree holders and masters are eligible for this job position.
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Advertising field holds huge job positions, and the good news is that it includes job positions which high school graduates can actually enroll. Your skills would be perfectly fit nearly everywhere if you study the targeted fields and know the specific key tool which can easily open up doors for you. As mentioned in previous articles , some majors would need a specific degree , other jobs would make you eligible for holding  great skills which can actually be obtained through time or while on-the-job period . Target your preferable field and build up a solid experience in order to make you fit in almost every field. Advertising field is exciting and it holds great opportunities which are in high-demand and still will be during the upcoming years.

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