Shirt Printing Process Guide

Like a clothing line, creative director, designer are you able to replicated the appear and feel of the favorite graphic tees? This guide will help you choose which method can help you best make the clothing you would like.

Printing processes

Plastisol Print

This method is quite common and offers a lot of options regarding the details capable in printing your designs (varies with screen abilities) as well as in the general coverage from the design you can use it to print almost anywhere. This printing technique is very durable. Shirts printed using plastisol based inks will wash numerous occasions while still retaining its original color intensity and integrity from the image. The outcomes my very however, with less experienced screen printers. When passing your hands atop of the shirt having a graphic printed with plastisol inks it’s possible to have the ink a little elevated concerning the shirt. This is because a lot of it is laid within the shirt and interlocked well using the shirt using both heat and chemical bonds. This effect and feel might be preferred in case your goal is to own appearance when you compare print you are able to feel.

Benefits: Very durable, vibrant colors, several creative options, sturdy end product, reasonable to medium/mass production.


Sublimination is preferred for low quantity order that could throughout prints or perhaps in unconventional places around the apparel. When selecting Dye Sublimination bear in mind that it’s for polyester/polyester based products only. Also bear in mind that it’s mainly for white-colored clothes or pastel color garnments.

Benefits: Good quality, freedom to put designs almost anywhere, soft feel to finished products.

Direct to Outfit (DTG)

This method is among the most preferred for low quantity orders since it is less expensive for small quantities. It creates the preferred images on clothing by printing with inks directly to the shirt fabric (much like a standard printer.) DTG printing is mainly for cotton based apparel and with respect to the printer may be for that lighter cotton colors.

Benefits: Economical, soft feel, selection of options with regards to the colors you should use since no setup is needed.


Printing using waterbased inks achieves 2 preferred results. It’s a very earth friendly and ecological method of printing therefore the setup and cleanup may not be dangerous towards the earth when it comes to chemical waste. So if you’re managing a very earth friendly fashion line or you are worried concerning the chemical interaction using the “wearer” this is a terrific way to go. The 2nd great factor about water inks is printing graphics to apparel having a soft feel into it. Frequently a discharge is laid under like a base to discolor the material. This enables to inks to dye the material much more then just lay on the top from it, developing a very soft feel towards the shirt.

Benefits: Earth friendly, soft feel, durable, great water look

Puff Printing

After our design continues to be printed with this particular method a lot of it feels puffed or elevated in the cloth, passing on a really visible and 3D feel. This kind of printing looks great with designs that highlight a particular part.

Benefits: Creative choice for clothing lines, unique details to rather boring designs, creative option with designing.

Foil printing

Foil printing is obtaining in recognition because of its outstanding characteristics. Foil printing uses adhesive and “foil” paper to produce the foil effect frequently viewed as big foil words on shirts.

Benefits: Super shiny, sticks out, reflects, becoming more popular

Heat Press

This method is generally observed in malls as well as in convenience places that fast and efficient tasks are expected. Most frequently low quantity jobs. With heat pressing images are generally printed onto a transfer paper after which heat pressed onto a shirt or vinyl is cut after which heat pressed to the outfit.

Benefits: Fast, good for low quantities, shirts could be readily made upon request.

Bear in mind: This method might not be as durable as a few of the others pointed out because of the fact that you’re pressing the look on the top from the apparel.

The screen is usually stored on the screen when it needs to be reprinted. Screen t-shirt printing Singapore professionals are: Nice for a very solid color print logo and sharp text. Perfect for keeping mass production and printing value down.

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