Need To Get Business Portraits For Top Executives? Follow This Guide!
Need To Get Business Portraits For Top Executives? Follow This Guide!

Need To Get Business Portraits For Top Executives? Follow This Guide!

Perception about brands is changing constantly. When someone looks at the LinkedIn profile of a known corporate honcho, they expect a few things, including a great picture. Similarly, more people are willing to know brands and the management members, and it’s important to have right headshots and business portraits of your company executives. business portraits photography is a critical part of corporate photography, and it cannot be accomplished with cellphones and simple DSLRs. You need a team that understands business portraits and can help with the basics. In this post, we are talking more on business portraits and things that matter.

A business portrait is not the same as a headshot

A headshot can be a business portrait, but it’s not usually the other way around. To be more precise, business portraits are taken to highlight the work of executives, top management brass, directors, managers and other people who matter for the brand. Headshots are simpler in terms of the work involved for the photographer and his team. With business portraits, you are trying to show your brand in the right light, and believe it or not, the right kind of photographs can change the image and perceptions that people have.

How to get a business portrait done?

Typically, the photographer will help with the entire setup and work, and it all starts by deciding whether you need a studio for the shoot or want to shoot on location. The latter is often a choice when the photos need to “belong” to the workplace where these people work, but many small businesses and new companies would prefer a studio, where everything is done more professionally. Once that’s decided, the next part is all about following instruction. The corporate photographer will suggest the right expressions and poses that will help in getting the perfect business portrait for a person, and these instructions can differ.

Avoid cheap services for business portraits

A business portrait must be taken carefully and with care, and therefore, selecting a good service does make a lot of difference. Avoid services that charge by hour or have a fixed price for the entire day. Most of the professional photographers will charge a fixed price per person, and that can be negotiated, depending on the volume of the work, and all costs, including post production, are included.

The cost of business portraits is usually higher than headshots, so keep that in mind.

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