How Do You Outfit Your Chefs?
How Do You Outfit Your Chefs?

How Do You Outfit Your Chefs?

The best way to make sure that your kitchen staff look its best is to use a third-party provider to keep their uniforms maintained. By taking this approach, any chef uniforms will look clean and more professional. After all, you may run into problems if you have the staff launder their own uniforms.

Are You Making a Good Impression on Guests?

If you want to provide the best possible image, you need to make sure chef whites are truly white and clean. You can more easily do this by outsourcing your laundering and kitchen linens to a linen service company. By taking this stance, you can be assured that your chefs and other kitchen personnel always look their best.

Even if your chef wears black, you can be assured that the uniform will look better if it is washed by a high-quality and well-known linen service provider. You can use the same company to provide the linens for your guest rooms and bathrooms, too. That way, you can always ensure that everyone will look their best, and your rooms will appear spotless and attractive.

Take a Detour – Move Your Laundering from In-house

If you want to divert any in-house laundering to an outside company, this is the time to do so. Companies want to become involved in more sustainable activities. By having your linens laundered and collected and delivered by a third-party, you can reduce the cost of energy and satisfy your employees and guests.

Things are changing in hotel kitchens and in the operations of hotels. Resort properties and similar accommodations want to ensure total guest and employee happiness. That is why using a linen service company proves to be helpful. If you want to maintain a good rapport with your kitchen personnel, guests, and the rest of your staff, you need to make sure that all the linens are available and that they are clean.

For example, maybe a customer wants to see a chef and compliment him on the meal. You certainly do not want him to go outside of the kitchen with a faded uniform or one that is not totally clean. That is why you need to make sure that you always have access to a company that commits itself to the ultimate in linen services. When you find such a company, you can leave that part of the running of your property to them.

Regular Scheduling of Linen Services

Regularly scheduling linen delivery and pick-up and keeping clean linens on-hand will add to your company’s revenues and returns by guests. Make a resolution for the New Year to add to the ambience and services of your hotel. Contact a linen service company about your hotel’s linen needs now.

If you want guests who rave about the atmosphere of your hotel, you need to make sure that you are supplying them with quality and clean linens. Besides chef and kitchen uniforms, you need to ensure that the towels and bedding are first-rate. Also, make sure that the tablecloths and serviettes for your restaurant’s tables create a good impression. Work at being a property that ranks five stars for linen services.

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