Direct Mail In 2019
Direct Mail In 2019

Direct Mail In 2019

Direct mail may be the next channel for marketers to rediscover and let me tell you why. From everything that I hear, direct mail response rates are going up, and in fact, the Direct Marketing Association recently identified household response rates are at 5.1 % which is the highest response rate the DMA has ever recorded since coming out with their response rate report that they first published in 2000. One of most asked questions when brands learn about the possibilities of incorporating direct mailing into customer relationship management in the marketing database. Some the best reasons we can conjure up for the increase of interest and conversation rates in direct mailing campaigns are:

Better targeting

Direct marketers are getting better at targeting. So by using data more effectively, they understand who their targets are, so they’re wasting less of their promotion budget on those prospects that are unlikely to purchase.

Less Clutter

The second reason is that customers are receiving less now. So as many people have thought well gee direct mail is expensive. It’s ineffective. And many direct marketers or many traditional marketers have stopped using mail. So customers see the mail, and it seems to be more effective.

More Personal

Another aspect of the success is attributed with the personal and the physical aspect of the direct mailing system. So the end result is that it’s making the mail much more effective, and it is becoming more competitive. In fact, there are some studies that show that it is the most competitive in terms of cost per lead conversion in the marketplace.

Automation is taking over direct mailing in the times

Marketing automation is critical in all marketers’ future plans, and I say that because there are so many communications that we can automate that help client’s feel better about the customer experience that they’re going through. The cost of data and data storage are lower than ever, which makes high-quality data easily accessible. This access to high-quality data decreases the amount of time it takes to produce direct pieces. What used to take months now takes a matter of days. Agencies like have detailed and well-built models of direct mailing which even provides sales mail addresses and lists among other things so that you have an almost automated give you better results without the hassles of traditional direct mailing campaigns at a much lower price.

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